New & Improved Twitter Features

Twitter has yet again improved and added innovated features to help improve their users’ experience. Here are some of the newest features we should be incorporating into our Twitter strategy!

  1. Improved Profile Page: profile pages have been improved; both more appealing and easier for users to navigate. You can now upload a more personalized header, as well as insert a bigger profile picture; the new look is very similar to that of the Facebook profile page. According to Twitter, everyone will have this new layout by May 28!!
  2. Direct Response Ads: there are completely new ad formats  with actions like: click to call where the mobile user can reach out to advertisements by clicking on the ad, e-mail signups, and app installs.
  3. Best Tweets Appear Larger: Twitter wanted to find a way to make the most appealing and engaging Tweets to stand out from the rest; similar to Facebook Trending, Twitter now is making more engaging and popular Tweets stand out more by making them physically bigger than regular Tweets.
  4. Photo Collage: Twitter has introduced their version of a slideshow; the Roll Out of the Photo Collage. Now businesses (and people) can upload FOUR photos for a single tweet, instead of just one! This will help create a more appealing and compelling photo, which can only help businesses sell and advertise their brands.

Twitter has really improved their site with these new and improved features; as webmasters and business owners, we should take full advantage of these new changes! These new features can really help us get your products/services noticed through Twitter.

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