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New Google Search & News Quality Updates Rolled Out

Google has announced that new quality updates in Google Search and Google News are likely to impact the quality of results found for users, which means that search engine optimization will need to be a key part of any digital marketing strategy. According the the Google Keyword blog, Google’s latest changes aim to overhaul the search engine giant’s fact checking features, improve the ability to vet schema data, improve the reliability of autocomplete queries, and ultimately give users more accurate news and organic results.

The change focuses specifically on a few cornerstone algorithmic changes. The first is greater investment on fact checking, which Google already invests a significant portion their search engine updates towards. The second is on BERT updates which help improve results based on the relationship between keyword phrases, grammatical construction of searches, and even key modifiers like a prepositional phrase. Here’s an example highlighted from a previous Boston Web Marketing blog post:

What happens when BERT is applied to search engine results is that new keywords are found between prepositions and specific phrases appear in search results. For example, Google’s previous search algorithm would have been unable to the slight distinctions between “parking on a hill with no curb” and “parking on a hill.” Per Google, these specific results would allow users to get the most accurate definitions of search queries based on modifying information such as prepositions and noun-specific terms.

The COVID-19 pandemic also influenced the new updates and continues to be a top priority for Google’s search engine modifications. The latest updates will also vet Wikipedia updates and Knowledge Graph updates when users search for public health information. Updates will also address “Wikipedia vandalism” and help curb any misleading information published by wikipedia users on high-profile wiki pages.

Pandu Nayak, Google Fellow and Vice President of Search summarized the new rollouts here:

In a year when access to reliable information is more critical than ever—from COVID-19 to natural disasters to important moments of civic participation around the world—our longstanding commitment to quality remains at the core of our mission to make the world’s information accessible and useful.

Search engine optimization continues to position itself as a crucial need for businesses to earn competitive organic ranks, feature content, and ultimately address COVID-19 related barriers for goods and services. If you’re not sure where to begin, then contact our SEO specialists at Boston Web Marketing. Our team is here to perform a free website audit and provide immediate recommendations to improve your site.

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