New Google News Lite Mode App

Google announced this week that they created a new “lite mode” for their Google News Android app. This new version is designed for countries that have slow mobile internet, those who typically have only 2G or 3G mobile connections. The new Google News Lite Mode app will be launching in India and will be rolled out to other countries in emerging markets in the next few months. The full mode for Google News app in Androids makes it easier for users to find titles articles they relate to since the headlines, content and images are all aggregated. In the new lite mode, Google keeps the headlines but shortens the rest of the content so only the essentials remain. This helps the app load more quickly and uses less than one-third of the data of the full mode. Below is an example of what the lite mode app looks like next to the normal mode. Check our blog to read about updates on the Google app for iPhones here!

google news lite mode app

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