New Google Maps Feature

Google announced new features for the Google Maps app on Google Plus this week. Google Maps app on Android devices can now look up a business and see its popular times by day and hour. By using this new Google Maps feature, you will be able to know when a location or business like a restaurant or clothing store is busy at which hour for which day before you go. By using crowdsourced data, Google is now able to see historical trends of when and where people go to a location so they can warn users of when there will be wait times or when companies have their busiest hours during the week. The app is available internationally and can be used on a number of browsers like Chrome and Safari for those who do not own an Android mobile phone. Google receives their data for this app though Google users who opted-in to sharing location data, which are all anonymized. Local listings on Google Maps and places with consistent foot traffic will have this data displayed on the app now.


google maps feature

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