New Google Adwords Features on Click-to-Call Ads

Recently on their blog, Google has announced some new features and updates that they made to their click-to-call ads via Adwords.  The main focus of the update is the ability to edit various things from an account level. A few of the features listed on the google blog were:

  • Expanded automated call extensions
  • Adding business in headlines
  • Expanded automated call extensions

New Adwords click to call features

Working from an account level will make it easier to edit your campaigns all at once. “You can implement them once across your entire account rather than adding them multiple times to individual campaigns and ad groups,” Google has stated.

Automated call extensions is rolling out soon to advertisers around the world. This will automatically find landing pages with a featured phone number and automatically set up call extensions and reporting. This will take out some considerable time when setting up call extensions in Adwords and hopefully drive more calls and increase business, without having to manually set anything up.

There has also been a noticeable design change to the design of click-to-call ads. The business name will be included in the headline of every ad now automatically, helping with brand awareness and making the ad creation that much easier for advertisers.

One last release that Google had spoke about was a new way of reporting, adding reports on ad copy reports and new call details to your keywords. Google stated “For example, consider using call-only ads on keywords with the highest phone-through rates, or decreasing wait times when you have customers on the phone to improve call conversion rates.”


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