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New Features With Facebook Live Video

Did you know that Facebook had live video? Some of us did but we wouldn’t be surprised if you haven’t. Earlier this year, the live video feature was available to everyone. Users were able to broadcast from a page or a personal profile. We are now seeing that Facebook has designed new features with the hope of getting more people involved.

Groups & Events:

Your live video can now be broadcast in event pages and groups. Being integrated into event pages seems like a perfect fit. Attendees will be able to share the event to others that aren’t in attendance.

New Features:

Facebook has also added interactive features within the live video.

  • People can now leave live reactions so they can chime in and respond to live videos.
  • When looking at a recorded broadcast, you will no longer miss all the comments that got made during the live session. If you want, all comments will be included during the replay.
  • Facebook is playing around with five filters that they can add into their live videos.

Discovering Videos:

Facebook wants people to find and discover new live videos with a video map, similar to Periscope. People can also search videos by interest, creator, and topics. If you find a video you link, you can also send out an invitation to your friends to watch it with you.

All of these features will be rolled out on Android & iOS over the next few weeks. Facebook is continuously evolving and adding new features. From recent updates such as Facebook reactions to new communication tools, it will be interesting to see what Facebook comes up with next!

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