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Facebook’s new update includes an expansion of its “Today In” section that allows more people to be connected to local news and information.

The update launched the “Today In” feature across 400 cities in the United States and is now being tested internationally in Australia. Facebook has prioritized cities in the country with a low supply of local news.

The feature gathers and shows local news and community information in a separate section in the app and has been in the works since March 2018 as a test. Now, Facebook has given users an option to either go to the separate section directly or have the updates show up in their News Feed. If you live in one of the cities the update is available in, you can access Today In by tapping the three-dash menu or the “hamburger” and then tapping “Today In”. If by any chance, you want to view news and updates from a different city, you have the option to change the specific city.

Local Government and First Responder Pages

This new feature also includes alerts from your local government and first responder pages as a test. Although a bit limited, the government can communicate time-sensitive and must-know information to 100+ pages as it is still in the testing phase.

These local alerts will be ranked like any other posts in the news feed but to differentiate them, Facebook will mark these alerts with a “local alert” label. Local government, first responders, and everyone else who has access to the local alerts feature is limited to only 35 post alerts in a 30-day period, this will allow them to relay important information without bombarding users’ news feeds.

As this new feature becomes more valuable to people because it relays important information happening nearby that can affect their days. Facebook hopes to launch it to more locations in the near future. In addition to local news and updates, this feature also shows users how they can support their local communities through events and volunteer opportunities.

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Posted by Facebook on Tuesday, November 27, 2018

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