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New Facebook 360 Photo Feature

If you’re a fan of snapping panoramic photos on your iPhone, you will be happy to hear about Facebook’s new feature that just recently launched. The Facebook 360 feature will now allow users to upload flat panoramas that are taken on their iPhone, Google Photo Spheres or photos from 360 cameras on to Facebook and be able to view the entire image. This feature can be used on both your Facebook News Feed as well as the Oculus-powered Samsung Gear VR. 

Once the panoramic photo is uploaded, Facebook will then transform them into 360 Photos for the news feed. Instructions are very simple, Facebook users can hold their phones up and move it around to see different areas of the panoramic photo. If you tilt your phone left, you will be able to see the left side of the image and then you can swing your phone to the right side and see the other side of the photo. On a desktop, users will be able to hold and drag to pan around the photos to view the entire photo. This motion sensor feature will let your friends on Facebook view your amazing panoramic photos easier!

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