New Context Cards in Snapchat Make Them Searchable

Did you know Snapchat recently released a new feature called context cards? Next time when you have any questions on what you see in a snap, the new cards will have the answer. Context cards allow users to look for more information about the snap by simply swiping up. The information is generally sourced from Snapchat partners like TripAdvisor and Foursquare.
If you see a snap of a dining place that you might want to visit after seeing it, you can use context cards to book a table and then book an Uber or Lyft. Context cards will also be added into stories and Snapchat has developed an algorithm to learn more about the user and optimize the context cards.
This is Snapchat’s newest feature now but how long can they maintain this unique feature before being copied by its competitors like Instagram or Facebook?


Facebook also has its own stories feature but it has been less successful. However, because Facebook has so much data that it can use to optimize its stories feature, it does not require any third party to sponsor its searches. So, we may have to wait to see whether this new feature could attract more users to Snapchat and whether Facebook will follow and use it to draw users to use its stories feature.


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