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NBA, MLB & NHL Get Their Own Knowledge Panels on Google

You’ve probably noticed that when you make a Google search for a person or organization, a Knowledge Graph appears with basic information about whatever you searched. Google often pulls this information from various places on the web to create a space that gives you relevant information you may be searching for. As Google makes many changes to their search results pages, this one will be particularly helpful to users rather than other changes they are making to help businesses.

Similar to Knowledge Graphs, Google Posts has allowed certain people and organizations to post directly to Google and from that information, Google is now creating Knowledge Panels to display the latest news and information. At a time when the MLB is just beginning their long season and the best of the NHL and NBA are battling for the top spots, Google has announced they will display Knowledge Panels for each of these three organizations as well as their individual teams. When a fan makes a Google search for their favorite team, they will now have the option of viewing information, photos, and videos which the team itself posted directly to Google, making it much easier to catch the highlights of the big game.

Because of the nature of these organizations, not only do they have a loyal fanbase that is constantly searching for the latest news and updates, the organizations themselves have plenty to show fans between game highlights, roster updates, pre-game previews, and general team news. Any news that a team shares on Google Posts will automatically be displayed in this Knowledge Panel when a user searches for that team. Google’s Posts feature is fairly new itself, only offered to a select amount of individuals and organizations. The Knowledge Panel feature is likely being tested with these three major sports organizations and if Google finds it useful enough, they may offer the feature to other relevant individuals and organizations who have access to Google Posts.

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