Names, URLs, & Images Not Included in Twitter’s 140 Limit

It was officially announced on Twitter yesterday that @names, URLs, & Photos will no longer be included in the 140 character limit. The usage of @names will go into effect immediately but page URLs and photos may take up to two weeks before it is implemented.

Why Is It Important?

Previously, attaching photos or inserting URLs into tweets would take up as much as 24 characters of the 140 character count limit. That accounts up to 17% of Twitter’s max character limit. Understandably, this would have made tweeting difficult for anyone who tried to incorporate multiple media channels in one tweet. More specifically, photos, GIFs, Videos, Polls or Quotes will not count against the 140 character count limit.

This update to Twitter’s notorious character count is a significant change that Twitter has been hinting about since this the beginning of the year. There have already been speculations that Twitter was considering a change to its character count from 140 characters to a staggering 10,000.

Here Are Three New Ways to Make the Most out of Your 140 Characters

• Respond to users in more detail without having to worry about counting the @names.
• Show more information in your tweets by using pictures, GIFs, videos or quotes.
Retweet more tweets or quote your own past tweet.

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