My SEO Isn’t Working. Now What?

So you signed up to get your website optimized and drive more conversions. At first, everything is going great but you soon start to see a drop in visitors to your website. Don’t be alarmed as companies commonly see this from time to time. There comes a time in all campaigns where results will begin to even out. No matter how great your product, service, or site, a plateau is almost inevitable. When this happens, it doesn’t mean your SEO is no longer working. Consumer behavior may be changing, competitors may be catching up, or it could be a number of different outside factors. Whatever the reason is, here are a few things to keep in mind to give your SEO a jump start when results flatten out.

Always Be Thinking of the End-User

When things are going well, it is easy to assume all is fine with the user’s experience on the site. As you add more pages to your site or even re-format older pages, be sure to go through the site as a user yourself. Some of these additions/edits may begin to affect site speed or bring people to broken pages, causing them to leave. Be sure to go on your site from another PC or incognito mode and go through the process as an end-user yourself and see if you run into any issues. Even better, grab a friend or colleague not familiar with SEO or the website in general and sit with them as they navigate through it. Being too close to the site or project may give you a biased view of the layout of the page. Take the criticism of the unsuspecting tester with open arms as this is what a person navigating your site will also think.

Remarket to Previously Engaged Customers

Are you remarketing to those who have previously engaged with the site? If not, start! This strategy will vary depending on the industry but can help greatly! When buying a product or service today, there is usually a decent amount of research conducted by the user before pulling the trigger. Utilizing social media, like Facebook, to target ads to specific demographics that have engaged with your site, can provide additional conversions. As mentioned this will all vary depending on the industry, but a re-marketing campaign with some incentives like a discount or referral bonus may go a long way!

Look Back at Old Notes

When beginning any marketing campaign, those involved should conduct a healthy brainstorming discussion before diving in. Hearing multiple opinions from those with different backgrounds gives a marketing campaign a more well-rounded and appealing message to a variety of consumers. Don’t throw away those old notes once decided upon the direction you want a campaign to go! A lot of initial ideas within brainstorming are on the right track just underdeveloped. Re-visit and grow those initial brainstorming ideas to give your campaign a fresh update.

Boston Web Marketing

SEO and digital marketing is a constantly shifting landscape. Here at Boston Web Marketing, we like to keep a creative approach to our marketing strategies while keeping in mind the process and methods we know are proven to work. We do this by being experts in the field while keeping an open dialogue with clients regarding how they want their business to grow.  Give us a call today to learn more about how Boston Web Marketing can increase web traffic to your site and ultimately help you grow revenue.

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