My Business Offers A lot of Products & Services, Do I Need Multiple Websites?

This can be a tricky question, as there are many things to consider when contemplating what to do with that second website or URL that’s been hanging around. On the other hand, this is a great article if you are mistaking what the difference between a website a webpage; as well as if you really aren’t sure what to do next that will help boost your business as well as your online rankings. While there may be some caveats and unique situations regarding your website, the short answer to this questions is normally No, if you run a business that offers multiple services within the same industry, there is very little to gain from having multiple live websites that lead to different sites entirely.

301 Redirects

In this digital age, it makes sense that any business will own multiple domains to protect themselves from other businesses trying to drive traffic away from their site, and in many circumstances this is where a company may have multiple websites floating around; either due to fact that the URL is based on a different hosting platform, or that it was simply forgotten in the rapid expansion of web design and evolving SEO practices. The beauty of a 301 redirect is that this function allows you to keep all of your existing domains live, and gives you the ability to channel “www. site (B, C, D, & E).com” directly back to A. This practice enables web users to continue to use out of date or older URLs but it will drive them to your most relevant site or preferred URL.

Great SEO Makes All the Difference

When it comes to having great SEO, you don’t need multiple websites to differentiate the products and services offered. In this example, we will highlight why it is important to keep your brand strong, without creating multiple URLs. Say you own a plumbing & heating company called “A’s Plumbing.” The goal is to use your brand to guide users to the right pages. Having proper SEO through the use of page descriptions, meta descriptions, and SEO descriptions.

For every page on a website, there is a section to describe what the main subject of this page is. These tools allow a user to specify and highlight individual pages such as “Plumbing” & “Heating” while staying under the “A’s Plumbing” brand. With each page having the proper descriptions applied, you are giving Google more of a reason to point the right people to the right page on your website.

Landing Pages

Another reason as to why it is a waste of time and money operating multiple sites is that through advertising and good SEO, you can promote specific products and services through landing pages, to draw in targeted groups in specific towns or regions to look at your business. By creating “Service Area Pages” you not only highlight the goods and services your company offers, such as “Plumbing” & “Heating” but you are now tailoring these services to a specific region that will allow users another path to find your company based on location.

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