Must knows before the switch from Universal Analytics (UA) to Google Analytics 4 (GA4)

Google Analytics has rolled out its newest analytics service called GA4. This newest software will be the only one used on the Google Analytics platform and will require a transfer of all data by July 1, 2023. The migration will include many key updates and new features. The platform is up and running now, so here are some major changes made to the service and some important facts you should know before using GA4. 

Benefits and improvements to GA4

Google Analytics has been such a useful tool for businesses to track website and app traffic. This new shift from UA to GA4 introduces the next step in how we analyze web data. The GA4 technology is so useful because it quickly identifies trends and patterns, allowing businesses to analyze and make decisions. The new real-time recommendations in regard to campaigns and user experience are why GA4 is so useful. Another benefit to this new GA4 platform is that it focuses on the user journey. It will show where a user first visits the website and may come back to it on a different device. One last improvement GA4 has is the user engagement focus. The new categories for customer actions include ‘Acquisition’, ‘Engagement’, Monetization’, and ‘Retention’. These are very helpful in analyzing the data and really diving into Artificial Intelligence (AI) predictions. 

Gain Familiarity with GA4

This huge switch does not come with a completely new interface, but there are some small changes made. Some suggest getting familiar with the new features and playing around with them until you are comfortable. The old Universal Analytics will not be receiving any new data after the 1st of July, so it is imperative that businesses allow that time to switch. You want your data loaded onto GA4, at least for the last year, to make sure you have all the old data you need. There has been no say as to when UA will disappear, but better have your data in GA4 before it is too late.

Organized Records

The new GA4 allows for data to be imported from external sources to be tracked and analyzed. For your business, it is best to get as much data as you can into GA4 to see your company’s number more holistically. One of the biggest features is allowing Google Analytics to track multiple user interactions from both websites and apps. This feature is especially useful if your business has followers and customers on multiple digital platforms. 


In conclusion, GA4 has been very well-received amongst its users. There are all new certifications for the new Google Analytics 4, so it would be helpful to take those courses and learn about the new features. Compared to UA, it will give the business a more complete view of all the information going on behind the scenes. Along with new features about consumer behavior, there are many more to explore on the new service. GA4 will help you and your business achieve those data-driven goals.

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