What Are Some Must Have WordPress Plug-ins?

Websites built on WordPress allows a wide variety of customizations for your site in terms of design and functionality. After you’ve done the basic work of finding a template and building some pages with fresh and original content, you can start adding features called plugins, that will help set your site apart from competitors in your industry.  At Boston Web Marketing, we use a plethora of plugins to help our clients improve where they rank in search results. Here are some of the plugins we recommend you download and install regardless of the industry or goals of your website!

Social Media Flying Icons

Consumers are engaging more than ever with businesses’ social profiles. If you have a robust social media presence, be sure users who have found your site can easily view your social media pages with this plugin. Once downloaded and activated, links to all the main social media profiles, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Youtube, RSS Feed, Linkedin will be available to be added seamlessly to your site. There are over 20 icon styles where you have control over the size and order of the icons so it can align with your brand’s logo and site’s color scheme. You can also have the icons appear automatically or use social media widgets, shortcodes, or PHP code to display icons where ever you want them to appear.

Contact Form 7

Having a contact form on your website is a must for businesses that offer free estimates and consultations to their clients. Contact Form 7 provides users the ability to manage multiple contact forms and customize them according to the information you need from a client. In addition, you can have multiple recipients or have different contact forms for different departments!

Slider Revolution

Home page and individual service page sliders are a great addition to websites for contractors and businesses that showcase their work to visitors as a means of highlighting their specialties. This plug-in is great because it is very simple to create the slideshows and place them with a shortcode, widget, or template tag into any page on your website. You can create multiple slideshows for specific projects as well and have them throughout your website! Another great feature is that each individual slide can be linked to another part of your website to help visitors navigate through your site.

Boston Web Marketing: Providing Clients Access to WordPress Top, Proven Plugins

There a tens of thousands of plugins that all claim to be the best offering, a solution for website admins. Some are free, while some cost money. Some help the aesthetic of your site, while others improve the site from a technical aspect. Boston Web Marketing has decades of experience testing and implementing WordPress plugins and understanding which ones work best based on the needs of our clients. If your business is using WordPress to showcase its expertise to the world online, hire Boston Web Marketing today to get the most out of your site’s existing web presence! 

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