Must Have Elements of an Exceptional Blog Post

Why are blogs not preforming strong marketing results? The truth of the matter is that there is too much generalized information in the content marketing industry.  With these tips you can take your content to the next level to get your content the respect it deserves.  Here are a few aspects to consider when writing your next blog.

Compelling Topic

Simply, your audience needs to care about what you are writing.  If you are not entirely sure what topics your audience is interested in there are a few ways to find out.  To start you can find which pages support your business objective in google analytics.  A good resource will be your sales team as they are hands on with your audience from the start.  Ask them what questions are being asked most frequently.  Social media can also provide a powerful tool when it comes to interacting with your audience utilize polls and videos to grab their attentions.

Search-Friendly URL

Whenever you can Google always recommends to keep your URL structure as simple as possible.  Some things that you should avoid when structuring your URL is long ID numbers, or even time elements like date and years.  When there are over complicated URLs it creates issues for bots to crawl your website pages and even challenges to humans.  However, keeping your URLs as descriptive as possible will have a positive impact with users as it gives them an idea where the link will take them.

Including an Author

When you attach an authors name to your blog it gives your content credibility, context, and even authenticity.  Linking the authors name to a profile page with a photo it gives the readers the ability to go explore other content written by them and a feel for reading something from a real person.  Doing so can ensure trust between both the author and the reader as they have a face to match the content to.  Which will translate to trust to your brand or company offering a higher chance for interactions down the road.

Table of Contents

Giving access to a table of contents is a great tool for organization.  It allows readers and bots to read through other content that was previously posted to your site.  Combining anchor text with a table of contents can make your site that much easier to navigate.  There has been many occasions that table of contents have been pulled by Google search and thrown into sitelinks too.

Powerful Headline

When it comes to grabbing your audiences attention nothing will do it better than a powerful headline.  Without a headline that is going to grab peoples attention a great blog is destined to be lost in the internet.  Spending some time crafting a perfect catchy title can be the difference maker in the performance of your blogs.


There is a common expectation that blogs and content should be between 1,500 to 3,000 words.  The truth of it is that there is no “sweet spot”.  Length will always vary depending on the content style, topic, and audience.  A good written blog is as long as your audience is willing to read.

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