Most Used Search Terms 2012 : Facebook is Number One! Again.

If you have ever doubted the continuing power of Facebook or the extent of its reach, just give up already.  For the fourth consecutive year, Facebook was the number one most searched for term on Google.

Not only was Facebook the number one search term, but it was also the number one most visited web site.  What this means to your business is that if you still don’t have a Facebook page, get one.  Not only is it a good way of expanding your web presence, but it’s a great way to promote products and engage with customers and prospects.  Social media is stronger than ever.

Also, according to Experian Marketing Services, search terms comprised of just one word were up 16% in the past year.  This covers activity on over sixty different search engines and does not include mobile searches.  One would imagine that the percentage of one-word search terms would climb even more given the whole “gotta have it quick” nature of mobile devices.  Most of these search terms were navigational, meaning that folks were searching on terms not to find something new but to get to someplace they already knew existed and many of these were social media/shopping sites or ways to access them.

Here are the top terms for 2012:

By Don MacMelville

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