Most Recent Google Update Not Penguin Related

Last Friday, webmasters began noticing fluctuations in their website’s search rankings, and it appeared that Google adjusted their search ranking algorithm causing some websites to rise in search rankings and others to drop. On Friday, it was rumored by the SEO community that two Google updates were on the horizon, one targeting core web search and one targeting local rankings. Today during a live webmaster hangout on YouTube, John Mueller of Google stated that the update on Friday is not related to the Penguin algorithm.

While in the chat, Mueller said that Penguin is not one of the reasons webmasters are noticing changes in their Google search results. Mueller also told users that Google is constantly updating search results, but he did not specifically mention a reason for Friday’s update or a name of the update. It is very possible that another kind of update, or multiple updates, have been released – just not for Penguin.

Google still has not officially commented on the update at this time, but an official statement is expected to be released soon.

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