Most Important Facebook Trends to Watch Out For

In the first year of a new decade, Facebook is sure to change.  The U.S. election is in full swing, Facebook will continue to face public scrutiny when it comes to political ads and more regulations when it comes to data privacy, but Facebook has their own plans to change to their platform. In 2020 the platform plans to launch a  redesign of the platform, innovation on the virtual and augmented reality front aim to add more interesting ads. Looking to stay on top, here is how.

Goodbye Like Counts

In September 2019 last year, Facebook confirmed that it would test hiding like counts in Australia. The tests follow Instagram’s attempt to try private like counts globally. Since the feedback with Instagram has been mostly positive which makes it more likely that like on Facebook will disappear.

AR and VR-Driven Ad Formats

Facebook is getting ahead on the shift of digital ad space change from the static content model. Facebook stories, will continue to grow in importance for advertisers. Facebook has been expanding augmented reality opportunities for advertisers. Advertisers can publish and create their own AR effects for Facebook and Instagram ads. Facebook has also been dabbling with augmented reality games.

More Support For Small Businesses

Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg wants to make sure he makes an impact on helping small businesses. He wants to build out the commerce and payment tools so that every small business has easier access to the best technology. 

Mounting Political Pressure

As the 2020 U.S. election nears, Facebook faces scrutiny regarding political ads and pages. Facebook has added more controls and transparency for political pages and ads. Users can now control seeing fewer political ads.

Upgrades to Messenger to Desktop

Facebook has started making small pivots towards desktop. Last year Facebook released they were releasing a desktop app for Messenger. The entire switch has not been in full roll-out. Messenger Desktop will have the same features as the phone app. Group video calls and collaboration features will be available in the new format, supporting the platform’s shift to private spaces. These features are similar to Facebook Workplace.

Digital Currency

If  Facebook’s plans align properly, Facebook will launch Calibra, a digital wallet for global cryptocurrency, Libra, by the summer of 2020. The wallet is supposed to be released with Messenger, WhatsApp, and as a standalone app.

Brands and marketers will bear the responsibility of staying up to date on Facebook’s new trends.  The navigation of the creator market is changing for the better. Although all the changes won’t impact the entire Facebook user base, a ripple effect has begun to make Facebook better in the new decade. It is nice to see Facebook get ahead of making better changes.

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