More Unnatural Link Notifications

Once again Google has sent out notifications inside webmasters tools about unnatural links pointing to your website.  A large batch of these notifications was sent out back in March 2012.











Where can I find these links?

Sign Google Webmasters Tools and click on the site that received the unnatural links notification. In the menu on the left side of the screen select: “traffic” and then select “links to your site.” You will see a summary of links to your site. You can click further and view all links to your site. It should be pretty obvious which links are unnatural.

How do I remove these links?

Now the biggest challenge after receiving this message is figuring out how to remove the links from the low quality sites. In Bing Webmasters tools you can now disavow links so certain links are not factored into their algorithm. Google is much more challenging (and much more important).  Links must be manually removed by contacting webmasters of the sites that link to you and asking them to remove links. Even worse, sites are beginning to charge you to remove links from their site and calling the charge a link removal fee.

Overall the best way to combat these issues are to hire an experienced SEO Company that uses high quality link building techniques and white hat seo methods.

By Jeffrey Pucko

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