More Diverse Link Data in Webmasters

Google has announced a new, much broader, and more diversified link data tool in Webmasters. Google will no longer show links in alphabetical order.

Instead, they will now show sample links from the full spectrum of backlinks. Now that you can see all the backlinks to your site, you will be able to notice all the diverse links from top level domains as well as different domain names.

The maximum number of links Google will show you through Webmasters Tools is still 100,000; this number isn’t likely to change. What will change, however, are the types of links Google is showing you in their exports.

Google says that the main reason behind this change is to help clients see a better overview of their links; that way they can clean up any bad link practices (link farming!). As you may know, link farming is a big red flag, and websites get penalized for that; now is your chance to clean it up before you get into trouble!

This new link data is set up to help websites take a better look at their backlinks, and to remove any bad links.

By Joe Giorgianni

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