Mobile Only Websites Works for All Google Search Results

It was announced yesterday by Google that if you only have a mobile site, it will rank fine with the desktop Google search results. After the last Google mobile-friendly update, it was a well-known fact to the public that not having a mobile-friendly website will negatively impact your websites rankings. Now John Mueller from Google has answered that you don’t need a desktop friendly website to rank well on Google’s desktop search results as long as your mobile only site renders on desktops! Muller further explained that you won’t need a specific desktop website as well as a mobile website. As long as your mobile website is formatted the best for mobile users and desktop users can see some of your content, you will be able to rank fine.

In conclusion, going mobile-only on your website will rank well not only on mobile search results but it will rank just as well on desktop search results too. Some people are confused and are against this update since they feel that the platform friendly optimization is one-sided by allowing mobile only websites to rank fine within desktop search results but only needing to show some of their content. They would prefer that mobile only websites rank only within mobile search results while desktop websites rank only within desktop search results for a fair evaluation. Do you agree with those who say it isn’t fair for desktop websites? What are your thoughts on this Google update?

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