Mobile-Friendly Optimization

Having a mobile-friendly website is crucial for any business to have nowadays. Not only is it important for rank purposes, but it is important that customers who are using a mobile device to search through your website are finding it user-friendly. With Google’s “Mobilegeddon” algorithm and the fact that more people now than ever are using mobile devices to go on your website, optimizing your site to be as mobile-friendly as possible is imperative. You may think it is a simple task to turn your website mobile-friendly, but there are a multitude of things you should be keeping in mind. Read along to follow a few tips about optimizing your mobile-friendly website.


When creating your mobile site, you should be thinking about how people are using their hands on a screen to explore through the pages. Clicking a button with your finger versus a mouse cursor is very different. Any links and buttons should be a little bigger than a desktop site, as fingers are wider than cursors. Ensure that all drop-down menus are still visible through the mobile site. If you are not able to see it on one page, you may want to think about shortening it. The design of your website can make or break a positive, user-friendly experience.

Page Speed

In order to provide mobile-users with a pleasant experience and receive a higher rank, page speed is more important than ever. Slow loading times will lead to increased bounce back rates. You can also utilize accelerated mobile pages (AMPs), that run on a different version of HTML. This allows website pages to pre-render and load over 10 times faster. AMPs will increase your website speed, rank, and click through rate. While creating your mobile-friendly website, make sure you have a need for speed!

Avoid Pop-Ups

Pop-ups are disliked enough by users on desktops but absolutely despised by mobile-users. Giant, intrusive pop-ups will give users a poor experience due to the smaller size of their screens. Though they may seem like a good idea to grab attention, it ends up covering the whole screen and obscures the content the users may be trying to read on your website. Google is aware of this, and will ultimately penalize you for adding pop-ups to a mobile site.

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