Understanding Mobile First Indexing

If you manage a website, there is a chance you had recently received an email regarding your site and “Mobile First Indexing.” As an admin, an email from Google tends to initially create a cause for concern. If you received one of these emails, don’t fear! This is a good thing for your site! We here at Boston Web Marketing wanted to publish an article regarding what Mobile First Indexing entailed and how it affects your site.

Why mobile first?

If you’re reading this article, it is more likely than not that you are on a phone or tablet. This is because most search query traffic (more than 60%) comes from mobile searches. With almost every demographic having access to smartphones in addition to businesses becoming more tablet friendly, it makes sense. Think about how you search the web yourself? Unless you are working exclusively on your PC or laptop, it is commonplace for people to have the most search queries performed through their phones.

What does ‘Mobile First Indexing’ mean?

What Mobile First Indexing means is that the robots that crawl your site will now be using the mobile version of your site to rank it within search queries. As most people search for products and services through their phones, this makes the most sense for Google’s user base. If your site is not mobile friendly, it will still use the desktop version but as previously stated, you will be missing out on a large user base as most people use mobile to search. If your site is already mobile friendly, this is a good thing for the traffic of your site!

My site is not mobile friendly. What do I do?

If your site is not mobile friendly there are a few things you can do. Making your site mobile friendly requires it to become responsive. The term ‘responsive’ means when the screen size differs from that of a PC or laptop, it auto-corrects itself to a version that is more user-friendly for the dimensions of the screen. Depending on how your site is set up and the CMS (Content Management System) used, making your site responsive or ‘mobile friendly’ can be done a few different ways. Here at Boston Web Marketing, our team of web developers has experience in making a variety of sites responsive for mobile users.

Mobile is here to stay!

Think about how often you use your phone to look up the next restaurant you want to try, a service you need, or product you’re looking to buy. How often does that happen over your phone as opposed to a PC or laptop? Here at Boston Web Marketing, we see and understand the market trends of end users in terms of how they are finding your business. Our team of SEO experts will work with you to not only understand your business but also make sure you are being found on both mobile and desktop. Give us a call today to learn more about how we can help your business get found quick across all digital channels!

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