Mobile-First Indexing: Will It Affect Your SEO Strategy?

In their quest to improve the user experience and ensure that the search results displayed are most relevant to its users, Google is constantly changing. Whether it be algorithm updates or new rules that dictate how it crawls its content, you should always be on the lookout for these changes for the best chances of ranking well. Recently, Google completed its move from desktop-first indexing to mobile-first indexing for its pages. This means that it will prioritize those websites that are most optimized for mobile devices. The biggest question to ask is – how will this affect the way I conduct my SEO strategy? We’ll explain what you need to prioritize below!

Utilize Responsive Display on WordPress

While it’s not a requirement to have a mobile-friendly website to be ranked well on Google, it’s a strongly encouraged practice. For this reason, you should be taking advantage of the tools at your disposal to optimize your website for mobile users! Responsive display mode on WordPress is a great tool to make this happen. It shows you how your page would look on a mobile device, allowing you to make edits to it without changing the appearance of the desktop layout. You can even utilize this for tablets – it’s a great way to stay in compliance!

Ensure That Your Site Has The Same Content

Of course, you should be careful as to how you utilize responsive display mode. Generally, you want the content on each page to be the same regardless of what device it’s viewed on. If you have long strings of content that you don’t want to display, don’t completely get rid of them! Utilize things like accordions, drop down menus, and buttons to ensure that all of your content is readily available. You may see your rankings take a hit if you don’t keep your content consistent across devices.

Optimize Page Speed

This is a trait that’s arguably more important for mobile than it is for desktop! Besides the fact that slower page speeds can mean the difference between a user clicking off of a website and staying on it, images and other multimedia tend to load slower on mobile devices. Doing everything to ensure your page speed is at its fastest is paramount, and there are many plugins that can help you with that on WordPress!

Mobile SEO At Boston Web Marketing

At Boston Web Marketing, we understand that more users search on mobile devices than they do on desktop. We’ll make sure that your websites are properly optimized on both desktop and mobile devices to give your business the greatest chance to succeed! Getting found on the Internet is easier than ever with us – contact us today to secure these benefits for your business!

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