5 Mistakes You Could Be Making On Your “About Us” Page

Often, people overlook the importance of an About Us page. They assume everyone is going to skip over it and no one will give it a read. This is not usually true. An About Us page is an opportunity to talk to your possible customers, clients, job candidates, etc. like a real person. It’s a great place to give insight to people about your business and what makes you and the business special. An About Us page can actually make or break whether someone buys a product from you, applies to your company, or comes to your business. Here is a list of mistakes people often make when writing their about us page. 

You Don’t Even Have an About Us Page

Some people believe that an about us page isn’t necessary, although it 100% is. Use this page to tell your story. Explain how your business came about and explain to your potential customers or job applicants why your business is special and different from the rest. You want to make your website visitors feel as though they are not just interacting with a robot but with actual human beings. The About Us page allows you to do all of that!

No Personality 

It’s important to include as much personality as possible when you’re writing your About Us page. Like I mentioned in the last section, you don’t want your website visitors to feel like there is not an actual human being on the other side of the computer. Let your personality SHINE! Give specific details about you and your business, tell people why your business would benefit them, and be unique about it! The more personality on your page, the more people will trust you and your business. 

Blabbing On Too Much

Although we recommend giving a lot of personality and personal insight into your company, blabbing on is not how to do it. You don’t want your readers to feel like they are reading sentence after sentence and not getting any useful information out of it. Try to be as creative but concise as possible. 

Only Having a Video on the Page

Videos are a great addition to an about us page because it puts a face to the business and can show your personality first hand! Even though videos are great, they shouldn’t be the only thing on the About Us page and they shouldn’t be too long either. If people are at work or a place where they cannot listen to a video, they will simply not be able to get any information out of the page. If the video is too long, people will often click out of it before it’s finished.

Making the Page All About You

Believe it or not, your About Us page shouldn’t really be too much about you. You want your about us page to give insight on exactly what you can do for your customers and why they should bother reading the rest of your website. You want to talk about the problems you can solve, how you can help, and exactly what your readers are interested in. If you really want to talk about yourself on your website, create a blog! A blog is a great SEO tool. 

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If you’re in need of SEO and digital marketing services, contact Boston Web Marketing! We can design websites, implement SEO techniques, and give you more strategies when writing your about us page. Just remember, keep the About Us page about the reader and how your business can help them!

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