Mistakes to Avoid When Optimizing Your Instagram

Did you know that you can optimize your social media accounts for search results? Your accounts on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are valuable and authoritative backlinks that can help boost the presence of your company and website on search engines. However, certain mistakes you make on a platform like Instagram can do more harm to your SEO efforts.

Using Irrelevant Hashtags

On social media, hashtags can act as search queries, with one click taking you to dozens of posts that use the same tag. Before you include a hashtag in your post, do some research into it. Is your post relevant to other images on the tag? Are people looking at, using and engaging with this hashtag? You should use hashtags with engagement, but not oversaturated. The point of hashtags is to help your posts, but hashtags that see over 100,000 posts or are constantly being updated, your content can just get lost in the shuffle. You should also make sure you use your brand’s hashtag in order to capitalize on a unique, specialized tag.

Ignoring Hashtags All Together

Hashtags not only organize the stream of content on the Explore page, but they boost your appearance on others’ feeds. You need to make sure you are using enough hashtags, but switch them up per post: Instagram’s algorithm may consider it spam if you are using the same hashtags day after day.

Having an Unsearchable User Name

Your username should be short, easy to read and distinctive enough to remember. Using extra characters such as repetitive underscores will make it more difficult for potential customers to search for your page and follow and like your posts. Whenever possible, make your username short and sound almost like a search query.

Not Having Keywords or a Location in Your Bio

Think of your bio like the metadata of Instagram: relevant keywords in your bio will help you pop up for searches for similar businesses, products or services and help potential customers land on your page. A succinct but educational bio will be able to include enough keywords to not come off as spam, but enough to improve your search results.

Not Putting Keywords in Your Captions or Alt Text

Recently, Instagram enabled alt text on images posted to the platform, allowing users to write up a brief description of what the image contains if the image does not load properly or if the person viewing the image cannot view it. Your alt text and captions are a valuable place to insert keywords, which can be crawled by the algorithm for higher results.

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