Things you may be Missing within Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a required online tool for webmasters to track and analyze website activity. It is the first and most important step for optimizer’s, as monitoring traffic to a website, is crucial in concluding if SEO tactics are working. Besides simply looking through data, here are some of the more commonly missed assets and options that Google Analytics provides.

  • Creating an additional view: Additional Analytic’s views are extremely important for filtering data.  As noted in a previous blog, removing spam from Analytics data can be done through creating this additional view. This way you can look at raw website data vs. cleaned up data without spammed or tainted data.
  • Integrating Googles Webmasters tool: Instead of logging into your Google Webmasters account to view and read search queries, Google Analytics allows you to link both accounts. Through this way you can easily look at your search queries straight from your Google Analytics account.
  • Event & Conversions Tracking: Google Analytics has many options but does not automatically track useful actions such as contact form submissions, mobile phone call or number of download button clicks. In a previous blog we provide steps to help track conversions through your site. Tracking these specific actions on a website are crucial for learning about the percent of leads and sales through your website.
  • Tracking Website traffic from Mobile Users: More and more people are accessing the internet from their phones every single year. Viewing the device category in Analytics gives you a sense of your consumers preferred platform and the importance of having a mobile friendly site.

Google Analytics is an extremely powerful tool. Be sure to utilize every options it provides to get the most out of our website and online experience.

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