Merge Google+ Business Page with Google+ Local

When Google converted all Google Places pages to Google Plus Local there was a completely new layout of the page. However, the verification process for Google Plus Local remained the same. After the shift from of Google Places to Google Plus Local was rolled out, I expected Google to eventually combine Business Pages with Local Pages.

On Friday they announced in the Google and Your Business forum that you can now become a verified business owner for the Google Plus Business Page.  If you already have a Google Plus Business Page verification is a quick and easy process.

There are a few prerequisites for claiming the page. First, the verification will only work if you chose the category “local Business or Place” when you first created your Business Page. Additionally, your business also must show its address in Google+ Local. This means that when you first claimed a listing in Google Places you cannot have selected “Do not show my business address on my Maps listing.”

Here is how to claim the page:

  • When logged into your Google account navigate to your Google Plus for Business Page
  • At the top of the page next to the name of the Business it will say “Unverified.”
  • Hover over the unverified button and then click “Verify now”
  • On the next page click “Yes, continue to verify”
  • Fill out a contact name, Select that you agree to the terms and conditions and Click “Request Postcard”

This verification process is very similar to the Google Places verification, but does not have an option to verify via phone.

This is a great new development by Google because the combining of Google Local and Google Plus Business Pages will allow for multiple users to manage the Page which was not available in Google Places or the standalone Google+ Local.


by Jeffrey Pucko

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