How Can I Maximize ROI For Small Business SEO Marketing?

For a business in the modern world, the internet is the most effective medium to reach and engage customers. Mega advertising campaigns that plaster your business all over TV, traditional media and internet are not plausible for small businesses who generally have a small budget and tighter purse strings.

1. An eye on the customer buying cycle

An effective lead-generation campaign places the prospective customer within the buying cycle. The customer is the core of all the marketing campaigns, and their behaviors should be tracked fully throughout the whole buying process.

2. Generating a good lead

Repeating clientele generates repeat profits with loyal customers becoming brand advocates.

3. Quantifying organic SEO

Track your key performance on search engines to gauge effectiveness and ROI.

4. Lifetime value of a customer 

If a customer makes one purchase a year, their value to your business is good. If they make multiple purchases over the duration, their value increase and becomes better. The customer’s value peaks when they make multiple purchases and recommend your website to their friends and family.

5. Doing the math

The SEO Cost Per Acquisition is the total cost of the campaign divided by the new leads generated. Complete Cost Per Acquisition: SCPA + recurring expenditure (Lifetime Value or LTV) of a client = profit generated by repeat clientele. Therefore, ROI = LTV – CPA.

6. The time factor

The benefits of SEO marketing are continuous. Good SEO for organic traffic with continue to benefit a website, and bring in more leads long after the campaign has officially ended.

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