Marketing to Non-Converters: How to Turn Website Visitors into Customers

You’ve put a lot of time and effort into getting people to visit your website. But what do you do now that they’re there? Unfortunately, many business owners don’t know how to convert website visitors into customers. In this blog post, we will discuss remarketing – or the process of marketing to those who have already shown interest in your product or service. By targeting non-converters, you can increase the chances that they will become paying customers!

What is a Non-Converter?

A non-converter is someone who visits your website but does not take the desired action. This could be signing up for a newsletter, downloading a white paper, or making a purchase. Non-converters are often interested in what you have to offer, but for some reason they didn’t convert. Maybe they got distracted, or they weren’t ready to commit. Whatever the reason, you now have the opportunity to remarket to them and bring them back to your website.

Why Is It Important to Market to Non-Converters?

You’ve already done the hard part – getting people to visit your website. Now it’s time to turn those visitors into customers! By remarketing to non-converters, you can bring them back to your site and complete the conversion. In addition, remarketing is an excellent way to stay top of mind with potential customers. If they weren’t ready to buy when they first visited your site, remarketing can keep you fresh in their minds so that when they are ready to make a purchase, they think of you first.

How Can You Market to Non-Converters?

There are many ways to remarket to non-converters. Here are a few ideas:

Newsletters & Email Marketing

If a potential customer doesn’t convert, you can remarket to them by signing them up for your newsletter or email list using a bulk platform, such as Constant Contact or Mailchimp. This way, you can stay in touch with them and remind them of your product or service. In addition, you can use newsletters and email marketing to offer discounts or coupons, which may entice non-converters to come back to your site and make a purchase. Before adding any emails to a mailing list, make sure that you receive express consent from the individual.

Social Media Advertising

Another way to remarket to non-converters is through social media advertising. You can target potential customers with ads on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms. These ads can be personalized for each individual, which makes them more likely to convert. For example, if someone didn’t purchase a product from your website, you could target them with an ad for that same product on social media.

Google Remarketing Ads

Google remarketing ads are another excellent way to remarket to non-converters. These ads follow potential customers around the internet and are served to them on websites that they visit. Google remarketing ads are highly effective, as they keep your product or service top of mind with potential customers.

To enable Google remarketing, you’ll need to create a remarketing list in Google Analytics and then create a remarketing campaign in Google AdWords.

Follow Trends & Best Practices

It’s important to stay up-to-date on the latest remarketing trends and best practices. remarketing is constantly evolving, and what worked last year may not work this year. By following industry trends, you can ensure that your remarketing campaigns are effective and generate results.

Contact Boston Web Marketing for Optimizing Your Marketing Campaigns to Converts & Non-Converters

Marketing to non-converters is an excellent way to increase conversions and gain new customers. By remarketing to those who have visited your website but didn’t convert, you can stay top of mind with potential customers and complete the sale. There are many ways to remarket to non-converters, including newsletters, email marketing, social media advertising, and Google remarketing ads. To be successful, it’s important to stay up-to-date on the latest remarketing trends and best practices.

If you are looking to optimize your marketing campaigns, website, or social media accounts, contact Boston Web Marketing. Our team of experts can help you develop a remarketing strategy that will generate the results you are looking for! To learn more, visit our website, or give us a call at 857-526-0096.

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