Marketing on Steroids with Likester Pro

There are numerous web marketing companies that have attempted to tap into the unending and ever growing database of information created on Facebook through the activity of its users. And many companies have succeeded in doing so. One set of data that marketers have drooled over are the billions of “likes” generated by the 1 billion Facebook users, indicating stuff they like, hence the name.

Although many companies have tapped into this data and analyzed it and used it to see who likes what brands and how likely they are to interact with each brand, none of them have managed to provide that information through an easy to understand, visual presentation. That is until Likester came along.

Likester has launched a new Facebook fan analytics product named “Likester Pro” that allows you to visually track what people like, where they live, and who else they might also like. The Likester pro dashboard analyzes the massive amount of overlapping user “likes” and allows you to group fans together to be targeted with ads. They also offer ad campaigns that can be purchased and targeted based on the data generated.

The visual presentation that is outputted from the analytics is in the form of heatmaps. Users can click anywhere on the heatmaps and pull up any individual data point, and rank and sort the data any way they wish.  This is an incredibly powerful marketing tool that allows you to find connections between Facebook users and the brands that they are most likely to interact with.  Connections that even as a marketer you would never have imagined.

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By James Maston

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