Marketing During the Holiday Season

In 2019, the average American household spent $1,496 on gifts for the holiday season. Galvanized by immense shopping events like Black Friday and Cyber Monday, consumers once again turn to America’s stores and businesses to check off their holiday checklist. The chances are, if you’re a business owner, you know how seemingly everything can ramp up during the holiday season. So, when it comes to business strategy, why not take advantage of the season? In this blog, we’ll be discussing ways to make your business stand out during the holiday season.

Consider Themes of the Season

Good marketing will typically appeal to the interests and values of a target audience. So, when it comes to content, it’s smart to appeal to themes that are commonly associated with the holiday season. For example, you might think about values such as family, togetherness, giving, or warmth, which are all undeniable traits of the holiday season. Let’s say if you were a jeweler, you could shoot a promotional scene of an individual gifting one of your products to another person – possibly with a fireplace or Christmas tree in the background to promote a sense of festivity.

Social Media During the Holidays

Though it is an excellent tool to use year-round, social media platforms become particularly vibrant with all manner of festivities during the holiday season. Why not join the trend? Just by adopting a red and green colorway in your posts, for example, your can easily prime your business for the holiday season.

Though you may already use hashtags on a regular basis, they once again become relevant during the holiday season. You can use hashtags such as “#holidays2021”, “#christmas2021”, for example, to get your content into the holiday spirit.

Consider Giveaways & Other Promotions

After all, the holidays are the season of giving, right? Many brands have launched giveaways during the holiday season, which can result in brand exposure and increased visibility online. Why not try it for your business? If successful, at the least, you can enjoy more interest in your business or brand, which often includes more followers on social media.

Also, particularly if your business is in that of retail or sales, you can take advantage of massive seasonal events such as Cyber Monday or Black Friday. Limited-time markdowns can undoubtedly cause intrigue in your or business.

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