Managing a Social Media Crisis

Social media presence can make a world of difference for your business. From reaching niche audiences to optimizing for in-app shopping, a number of brands have taken off thanks to social media marketing. On the contrary, a viral image, video, or comment may become a serious threat. So, how do large companies deal with crises online?

Plan Ahead

Every brand should have a social media policy and community management plan in place. A marketer needs to have a clear understanding of the steps to take in case of a crisis. Most issues always happen when you least expect it. Monitor your comments and mentions constantly for red flags to avoid a potential fiasco.

Pay Attention

One of the most important things is to pay close attention to a conversation on your business page and know exactly what people are saying. Going into a crisis blind is not a recommended practice. Applications like Hootsuite and Radian6 are good tools to observe and listen to conversations.

Know What a Crisis Is

It’s really important to understand what a social media crisis actually is, how it originated, how the followers and customers might be affected and so on. Listening to a conversation will help you shape an insightful and clever brand response.

Time Sensitivity

Acknowledge the issue ASAP. In a fast-paced digital conversation, speed matters. If you are not getting involved soon enough it’s perceived as ignoring the issue in the eyes of your followers. Being as transparent as possible, and as quick as possible is extremely important.

Stay Cool

Avoid creating a public argument by replying something negative or argumentable. Take a step back and put yourself in a customer’s shoes. Remain understanding and professional.

Make Conclusions

Try turning a negative experience into positive. Take responsibility for any wrongdoings. Remember, deleting negative comments instead of addressing them will never fix the issues that lay deeper. Work your way towards gaining a customer back by getting on a more personal level, through a customer service phone line or in an exclusive web page or promo code.

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