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Making The Most of Your Testimonials

Did you know there’s more than just adding first name, last name and an “out of this world service” comment? Let’s take a look at some tips that could potentially give more value to your testimonial page and essentially squeeze more conversions out of your website or landing page.

Check out some unusual tips that may help you:

  • Include a photo and more details

By including the customer’s first and last name, location or any other relevant details can make testimonial more realistic and by adding a REAL photo of the testimonial-giver can boost your attraction.

  • Filter your testimonials to your customers

Our human behavior acts on trusting people who are either like us or who we are aiming to be. And by having a strong testimonial will reach out to those who can relate to their service needs.

  • Encourage your customers to write more

Testimonials that says “excellent service” or “great job” will only do so much. Encourage your customers to write a more meaningful testimonial, this will support your specific claims you’re making on your website.

If you are displaying testimonial randomly that doesn’t speak out to your customers, not only are you not considering your audience awareness, but also their train of thought as they visit your page. By amending small details to target your audience could ultimately change the whole perspective of your site. It will bring more realistic approach and trust to your customers.

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