Making the Most of Google+

How to make the most of your Google+ company page

By now, everybody knows that Google+ isn’t going to go anywhere.  That, combined with Panda and Penguin updates which bounce your ranking results around with each release, means that you want your Google product (Google+) working for you the best it can.

Here are some tips:


Choose a good, editable profile picture.  Google+ makes your full profile pic a 200 X 200px that becomes a 48 x 48px thumbnail.  So choose something that you crop to clearly retain the image you want visible.

Use your text fields wisely

There are three main text fields for the company page: the Tagline, the Introduction, and the Contact/Website fields.  The Tagline is similar to the description meta tag in a website’s header or the about section for a Twitter profile.  Google suggests using about ten words in this section. I guess the more you use, it’s at your own risk if they’ll appear.  The Introduction field is an “About” summary section that allows you to say more about your company and what it does and who it serves.  Google indexes these fields, so you want them to be as clear and complete as possible.

Don’t forget to +1

Think of +1 like your Facebook “Like” button.  This is your way of promoting your page.  Any websites that you have established for your business or company should have the +1 button installed on them.


I recommend adding a good number of these.  The Google+ page is a little more “plain” than the Facebook pages and some photos will not only make your page more lively, but they are also a good way to spotlight products, services, or employees.

Nurture the Page Internally

Make multiple administrators at your company or business.  Google loves it’s content so you want enough people to be able to regularly maintain your page.  Maybe you can build a schedule for employee updates.  Also, encourage all of your employees to add the business page to their personal circle that will get you a lot more exposure very quickly.


-Don MacMelville


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