How Can I Maxmize a Small PPC Budget?

Many businesses rely on online advertising to promote their business. One popular form of online advertisement businesses use is a PPC model, also known as pay-per-click. Each pay-per-click campaign yields different results because each business uses a different budget. Even if your business uses a smaller pay-per-click budget, it can still be a worthwhile campaign. Below, we will discuss five ways businesses can maximize a small PPC budget.

1. Determine The Main Objectives

Pay-per-click campaigns can be implemented for various reasons. Some businesses use them to increase brand awareness, generate more leads, or increase sales. Determining which reason or reasons that drive your pay-per-click campaign are essential. When objectives are clear, it is easier to know what to focus on.

2. Focus on Core Locations

With a tight pay-per-click budget, it is important to hone in on areas where you think you can get the most customers. By zeroing in on specific cities, zip codes, and a radius, you can increase the chances of getting the most bang for your budget.

3. Know The Right Keywords

Every business is associated with many keywords but some will stand out more than most. Knowing the right keywords to use for your pay-per-click campaign can help your business generate the best results no matter the budget. Businesses can even take it one step further and create a “negative keyword list” for their pay-per-click campaign. With a negative keyword list, businesses can avoid showing up for searches that likely will not convey to conversions. While getting found for keywords is always almost a good thing, getting found on too many searches on a tight pay-per-click budget may not be cost-effective.

4. Schedule Ad Campaigns Timely

With a limited budget, it is essential to schedule your pay-per-click campaign wisely. Make sure to run pay-per-click campaigns only during the hours your business is open. If someone were to click on your pay-per-click campaign when your business is not active, it can be a waste of money and not budget-friendly.

5. Monitor Your Campaign Carefully

Even when your pay-per-click campaign is off and running, it is important to monitor it often and make any necessary adjustments.

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