Making Sure Your SEO Work Gets Implemented

One of the most common and frustrating problems within the SEO community is having a client not implement the suggestions that are recommended. Here are some of the common reasons as for why clients do not accept any of the SEO recommendations:

  • Too busy and not having the time to make the changes
  • Lack of trust
  • Internal politics and red tape

For whatever reason, if your client doesn’t get back to you with the needed information or changes, their brand and rankings will suffer.

To make sure that your clients are on board and fully ready to implement your reconditions, here are two common problems and how to handle issues involving client relations.

Educating the Client

It’s important as the SEO expert, to educate your client about all the work you plan on completing. Lay out each step & strategy, and explain how each one will help with SEO. When your clients understand the process and knows what needs to be done, they are more apt to cooperate.

Responsibilities and Roles

Success in SEO is achieved with the help of both the client and SEO expert. The client holds valuable knowledge and information that helps the process. When working with a new client, always set defined responsibilities moving forward. If your main point of contact doesn’t have the time to work with you, try seeing if there’s another person in the company that you can contact.

Putting together the suggested procedures and responsibilities before you speak with your client, will help the entire process move smoothly. A knowledgeable and active client will have more of an urgency to respond to you and in turn help you achieve what you want.


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