Making Sense of Your Social Media Presence

As more and more businesses try to embark in the world of social media, some are getting lost.  Some feel by just having a Facebook or Twitter page they’re fine and can’t really tell if they are having an impact on those social networks.  But there are tools to breakdown the trends that your business is making on these platforms.

Twitter and Facebook offer tools to breakdown the traffic and other data involved with your social media page.  One example is the Facebook Insights tool; this offers the Graph API which gives you all the info regarding your business page’s traffic and wall.  You can store historical data relating to your page and begin to compile that information over time.  You can see who’s engaged with you, when they started and the type of engagements that are happening (ex: “liking” posts).  For Twitter there is the API feature also to see how people interacted with your page.  You can see retweets and replies from followers and non-followers alike.  You’ll also see exactly who is interacting with your business on the platform.  By seeing each persons’ retweet and reply you can know what’s working and what’s not for your business.

With your complied information you can analyze which social media campaigns generate the most new customers and most traffic to your pages.  By getting a better sense on the trends of your followers’ comments, replies, retweets, etc., you can now know how to properly tailor your business to an ever-evolving customer base.

-George Freeman

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