Making Sense of Instagram Metrics

If you have a website, you most likely have Google Analytics installed to track the traffic to your website. To figure out what’s working, and what’s not. But when it comes to social media, there’s no tool that tracks it all for you and instead, you have to take advantage of the tools that each platform has.

As Instagram becomes larger and the most prominently used social media platform among business owners, influencers, and your average individual, being able to track your success and the areas that need work within the social media application is important.  If you haven’t switched your business’ Instagram account over to a business account, that’s the first step you’re going to want to take. Once you have that setup, you’ll be able to see several different metrics that relate back to the content you’ve been sharing. But what does it all mean? What should you be paying attention to?


The number of people that have seen your post on Instagram. This includes followers and those who don’t follow you but have discovered the post through hashtags, profile tags, location tags, or by getting onto your profile and see the image. When you’re in the insights section of your profile, you will find this number under the Activity tab, towards the bottom under the Discovery section.

Want to calculate your reach rate?

Your reach rate is the number of people that have seen your post versus the number of people that follow you. Take your weekly reach rate that Instagram provides and divide it by the total number of followers you have.


Impressions are the number of times any of your posts have been seen. This can be a mixture of photos, videos, or your Instagram story. This number will always be higher than your reach because one person might choose to view your Instagram content multiple times.

Engagement Rate

Instagram considers engagement as a like, comment, and save. So, for the engagement rate, you’ll want to take those engagements and divide it by the number of followers you have. To view the engagements on a specific photo, you’ll want to go to it and select “View Insights” below the photo.

To find the engagement rate for a photo, use the following formula:

[(Total Likes + Total Comments + Total Saves) / Total Followers] x 100 = ENGAGEMENT RATE

To find the average engagement rate for your profile, take the total engagement on your profile and divide them by nine.

Profile Visits

This is the number of users that viewed your Instagram profile and it is also found under the Activity tab of your Instagram Insights. Instagram will also provide you with information compared to the week before it in this section.

Website Clicks

If you have your website’s URL on your Instagram profile, the number of website clicks will represent the number of people that clicked on the URL and went to your website. You’ll also see this information if you have your company email address, phone number, or address on the profile as well.

Top Locations and Age Range

Under the Audience tab on your Instagram Insights, you’ll be able to view various details about the users to your profile including location, age range, gender, and when they’re active on your site.

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