Making B2B Content That Performs Well

Content is the key to the success of any business but is particularly important for B2B businesses. Content helps drive traffic to your website and acts as a way to convince leads to become new customers. There are several things you should know about creating B2B content that best serves your goals. 

B2B content can be tricky to create so it is important to have a clear strategy that allows you to target the correct audience. Unlike in B2C where you target individuals, in B2B you have to target a group of people who make decisions within the company such as marketing team members, sales team members, etc. With that in mind, you must consider what different group members are looking for when it comes to content. Creating content that appeals to all group members is difficult because each member has different areas they prioritize. That is why you must identify who is your target audience from each group and create content that then appeals to them. 

How do you do this? 


There are a few ways that make it easier to know if your content is targeting the right audience. Communication is key when it comes to creating the right kind of B2B content! Talk to your sales and marketing team! They engage directly with your customers and know what they are looking for! They will give you key insights that will help you figure out what your audience is looking for. 


Another great method to determine the type of content you should be creating is by surveying your customers! Surveys will help you get more data about the companies you are working with and in turn, allow you to know what their audience is looking for when it comes to content. You can even curate your content around the survey questions to really align with what your customers are looking for. 


Repurpose and promote brand content to help with search visibility! B2B companies often generate a lot of content, but if it is not promoted correctly there is no way for it to help boost your overall ranking on search engines. There are a few ways one can go about repurposing and promoting B2B content! Promote content in email campaigns so everyone is seeing the latest blogs and is more inclined to share them. Repurpose content by turning it into different mediums like video or pulling excerpts from blogs and turning them into tweets. Repurposing content is a great way to get more eyes on what you are creating. It helps that the repurposed content already aligns with company ideals. 

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