Making Adjustments for Increasing Voice Searches

Digital marketing professionals have adapted online content to not only appeal to readers, but also the search engine bots that read them and decide where to place them in a given search result. Because the industry is ever-changing, digital marketers must adapt frequently to changes in algorithms, software systems, and more. The latest major adjustment will be to adhere to the rise in voice searches.
In 2016, Google reported that out of all the mobile searches people made throughout the year, 20% used voice search. In more than a year since this data was being collected, a number of voice assistants hit the market including the Amazon Echo and Google’s own Google Home. These devices allow users to listen to music, e-books, perform an online search, and much more. The primary concept that allows these devices to be so useful and easy to use are their advanced algorithms designed to adhere to the nuances of voice search.
Now, as we are quickly approaching 2018, digital marketers will surely fall behind if they do not adapt to the growing number of users searching for a business or product by using voice search. At the foreground of this fight is understanding and adhering to Google’s algorithms which decide how your content is ranked. Use the following tips for adjusting your content to the ongoing increase in voice searches:

  • Make sure your website is mobile-friendly
  • In your blog posts, pose and answer questions that users are likely asking
  • Use both short and long tail keywords to diversify your audience
  • Double-check all the ways crawlers are finding and reading your content
  • Incorporate schema markups where possible

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