How to Make Your Blog More Effective

Are you writing impactful articles for your company’s blog?

Having fresh content up on your blog is one of the most important factors of SEO. Unique and engaging pieces will drive users to your website, and give your site authority over the competition that will hopefully translate into a greater number of conversions.

Of course, the first step in this process is to make sure what you are posting is effective enough to get users to stick around on your website. Conversions are crucial for the bottom line of your business, which is why you will need to take your company’s blogging seriously.

Here are a few key ways to create successful blog content:

  • Make the introduction addictive. You will only have a few seconds to keep a user’s attention after they click on a blog article. This is why your writing will need to grab their attention right away – start off by asking a question that gets them thinking and needing an answer. You can also tell them what they will get out of reading the piece, increasing the likelihood of them sticking around until your call to action.
  • Keep the formatting easy on the eyes. Nobody likes to read huge blocks of text, especially on their computer or smartphone. You don’t want to lose potential revenue because of short attention spans, so the formatting of a blog post must fit into the age of distraction. Breaking up a piece with bullet points is a great way to start, as this will allow readers to easily digest all of the points you want to make.
  • Link to valuable and relevant sources. Whether you are linking to past work on your website or to another site with pertinent information, content must be linked or it will not be ranked by search engines or read by users. You do not always need to link to another blog post, but you should lead readers somewhere that will add value to what they are already reading. Proper linking is fundamental to content marketing.
  • Include a relevant call to action. A call to action is what turns a user from a casual reader into a lead. Your CTA should be worded in such a way that it strongly compels users to click through it. When creating a CTA button, placement and appearance is important, as it should visually stand out from the rest of the article. Experiment with where you place the button to see what yields the most user interaction.

SEO is an ongoing process, and what works for one blog might not necessarily work for another. However, these tips are fantastic building blocks for the long-term success of your website and business. Play around with the types of content you create until you achieve your desired results.

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