Make Online Activity an Offline Conversation

We hear it all the time: you should be part of social networks if you are looking to promote your company or brand.  Social Media Management is one of the several key components involved in a successful SEO endeavor, but simply being a member of Facebook, Twitter or Google+ is not the real objective: it is utilizing each of these avenues in a way that sparks conversation and interest not only on the internet, but in the real world as well.  So, what should you be doing as a business owner to create a presence on the web that channels off into the offline communities too?  A recent article focused on this topic, and listed below are a couple of tips for those who want to make this online and offline connection a reality:

  • Buzzworthy Content:  The content you provide online should be that which is exciting and attention-grabbing.  Though sometimes you may want to simply place an announcement on your social media’s profile about an office hours change, new email address, etc., (not necessarily the most interesting information to viewers), you can balance these simple posts with more surprising or intriguing ones.  Brainstorm about topics related your business, research fun facts or interesting history about your products, field of expertise, etc., and incorporate them into posts that will grab a current customer or potential new client’s eye and attention.
  • Keep Content Convenient:  The content you share online should not only be found easily, but it should also be posted at a time that the most online users will see it.  The ideal opportunity to present new information in social networks is when people are likely to be online as well as in a group setting.  According to recent research, the best time for this is on weekdays between 8am and 10am, typically when everyone is first getting settled into the office, chatting, and getting up to speed with their social newsfeeds.  As noted in a previous blog,each social platform may vary in their ideal timeframe for sharing content such as links, so taking this information into consideration as well may grant you the best and most exposure.
    •  One great example of a business that can take full advantage of these facts is a café, bar or restaurant.  Posting an announcement about today’s specials or a promotional offer during this 8am-1oam window can spark interest with colleagues who then chat about their lunch plans in the office and end up putting your offer to use.

It is obvious that more and more, we are living in an internet-reliant world, but just because so many of us spend a great deal of time interacting online does not mean we are not doing the same offline as well.  Utilizing social media in a unique way and with interesting content is the best way to achieve results and hopefully new clients.  You never know who someone could be with that might be need a business that provides your services, so why wouldn’t you want to create an online presence that leads to you also coming up in an offline setting?  The referrals and chances for new business could be more than you even expected.

-Casey Guntlow

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