What Belongs on a Service Area Page?

If you want to see your business’s website skyrocket in search results and gain more traffic each day then your best bet is creating service area pages. The hardest part for most owners is knowing what to include in their service area pages. That’s why this article will be discussing service area pages and what the most important areas to incorporate on your webpage are.

Desired Service Location

The first step to creating an amazing service area page is figuring out your desired location. By choosing a location you’ll be able to pinpoint residents in that exact area. Search engines like Google will realize what location you are targeting and begin to promote your content more. This means your search results will begin to increase for residents in that area and any surrounding locations. A great tip is to try and incorporate the location within your writing in areas that flow well. If you are specific in your content about the area you want to target and don’t overuse the keyword then you will start to experience amazing results!

Relevant Images & Videos

Search engines want every webpage to give a lasting impression to users. Therefore, adding appealing images to convey your message is a great idea. You can strategically use images to even break long areas of text so that users do not get bored whilst reading your content. Rather than having large chunks of text throughout the webpage try to add as many graphics, images, and even videos. These visuals help draw attention to your webpage and make users more interested in the content they are consuming.

Call to Actions

Service area pages are meant to bring in traffic from your desired target audience. This means that having proper call to actions throughout the page is vital for success. Adding buttons that take users directly to contact forms or desired products/services increases the likelihood of a conversion occurring on your service area page. However, this does not mean filling the screen with buttons and call to actions, instead make them flow with the webpage and content layout.

Helpful Links

Similar to call to actions, adding helpful links can drive traffic to other areas of your website or genuinely help educate your users. Search engines love it when you add relevant links to your webpage because it shows you care about what the user is consuming on your website. By going out of your way to add links that help users, search engines will give your webpage a small boost.  This is because search engines like when webpages cater to users and provide them with insight or answers.

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If these tips about service area pages aren’t cutting it then contact Boston Web Marketing today. Their amazing team of SEO experts can help create an amazing service area page that will quickly see results. Call or contact us today for more information regarding the services we offer.

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