What To Look For During A Website Audit

Starting a website audit may feel like navigating a maze, however, it’s an essential task for any company looking to build a strong online presence. At Boston Web Marketing, we recognize the value of an in-depth website audit and are here to help you along the way by pointing out important areas that need your attention.

Broken Links

Few things deter visitors more swiftly than encountering a dead end while navigating a website. Broken links, accompanied by the dreaded “404 error page,” not only frustrate users but also undermine your site’s credibility and SEO performance. During your website audit, conduct a thorough sweep to identify and correct any broken or dead links. Whether caused by page deletions, URL changes, or backend errors, resolving these issues promptly is paramount to preserving the user experience and enhancing search engine rankings.

Clear URLs

Your website’s URLs serve as digital signposts, guiding both users and search engine crawlers to relevant content. Clear, concise URLs not only enhance the user experience but also bolster your site’s SEO efficacy. As part of your website audit, scrutinize the clarity and relevance of your URLs. Opt for descriptive URLs that succinctly convey the content they lead to, steering clear of cryptic strings of characters. Moreover, consider implementing 301 redirects if URL alterations are necessary, ensuring seamless navigation and preserving inbound link equity.

Effective Call to Action 

A well-crafted call to action is the linchpin of conversion optimization, compelling visitors to take desired actions, whether it’s making a purchase, requesting a quote, or subscribing to a newsletter. Evaluate the efficacy of your calls to action during your website audit, ensuring they are strategically positioned, visually compelling, and aligned with your business objectives. By fine-tuning your calls to action, you can guide visitors through the conversion funnel, nurturing leads into loyal customers.

A thorough website audit is an ongoing process in the rapidly changing digital world, rather than a one-time task. At Boston Web Marketing, our area of expertise is providing businesses with customized marketing and SEO solutions that maximize their online visibility. Whether you need content optimization, a custom digital marketing plan, or a thorough website audit, our team is dedicated to delivering concrete results that improve your company and its online presence. 

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