Using Longtail Keywords to Your Advantage

Many people say not to bother with high volume, short-tail keywords, but this is actually important. Short tail keywords can be very competitive, even for companies with a high domain authority. Ths is why many people so not to bother with these keywords, as it is a “waste of time”. Having a good mixture of short and long-tail keywords is most definitely the way to go. It is all about balance in this situation and it can really be a hard thing to do.
Did you know that 15% of all queries written into Google have never been used before? This really shows how the long-tail is becoming increasingly important nowadays. Similarly, long-tail is necessary for a specific field. For example, if you are an online business that helps with recipe sharing, you will be using and focusing more on short-tail keywords, such as “chicken salad recipe” or “tomato sauce recipe”. This is very different for other companies, such as an e-commerce clothing store, or a camera store, where you would use long-tail keywords more often, such as “size 8 black cocktail dress” or “Nikon 360 D camera lenses”. This is where we can see that while using some short-tail keywords, it really depends on two things. First, it depends on your business type, and secondly, it depends on your domain authority.
We can use long-tail keywords to our advantage by building up these keywords and their relevance in regard to short-tail keywords. How we do this is by building up a number of long-tail keywords that the page applies to. On the opposite end, you should choose only a few short-tail keywords, as these are harder to rank for. The best way to target keywords on the page is by choosing these few short-tail keywords and target towards lots of long-term keywords by providing lots of unique and relevant content.

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