Long-Term Spammers May Never Recover

If you have a site that has been using spam tactics for some time now, you may find it quite difficult to get back into Google’s good graces; according to Google’s Matt Cutts, longtime spammers will find it near impossible to get back into Google’s search results.

Earlier this week, Matt Cutts tweeted, “So I worry that you haven’t truly gotten through to your client, who show signs of long-standing, mass, deliberate spam, just want to make sure they have a clear-eyed view of the hole they dug for themselves over the years.”

Cutts did say that it was possible to lift the site’s penalty, however, but it would be difficult to “undo all the spam across the years.”

Some representatives of Google have even gone so far as recommending building new websites for those who have dug a whole too deep to climb out of. If you have been spamming for years, you might want to think about building a whole new website, and creating a new domain name; it may be faster than fixing each problem individually.

For more information on Google Algorithms, such as Penguin (which penalizes sites for spamming), please give Boston Web Marketing a call at 857.526.0096.

Joe Giorgianni

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