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Location Pages Tips

For small businesses that have multiple locations, having a good SEO strategy is key. Being able to be found online when users search services or businesses similar to yours, is a huge win for your company. The increased presence online can set your business apart and lead to more business for yours. To be found in multiple locations for a company with more than one physical locations, having proper location pages on your website is crucial. So what should be included in your location pages?

Unique Location Details

Your page should include information about the town or city your location is in. This information could include notable places near by, directions to your storefront, restaurant, or business, or any other relevant information that pertains to your business. Remember, unique content is more likely to be found online compared to common content.

Internal Links

While you are mixing in relevant keywords for your location pages you should be using internal links. Internal links are links on your webpage that link to other internal pages on your site. Good use of internal links are links to your services pages that mention that offerings you provide in these locations. Its a good way to keep the reader engaged on your site, making them more likely to convert.

Location Content

If you are a multiple location content, you’ll want to add engaging images to your location pages on your website. Good examples of this could be images of your stores so users can see the differences. If you are a local service provider, providing images of projects in the towns your service are a great idea for locations pages.

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