Location Pages For Multi-Location Businesses

Do you own a multi location business? If so, you may be missing a critical component to local SEO. That component being creating individual store landing pages. Many brands and businesses only have one webpage covering all their locations. When this happens, you can lose search result rankings to popular listing sites such as Yelp! By developing a good strategy when it comes to these location pages, you can reclaim the top spot on Google when people search for your business by location.

Why Make Pages For Your Locations

By creating optimized landing pages for your each of your business locations, you are giving yourself the ability to rank ahead of other listing directories and control the narrative  in the search results. You can feature the store’s offerings and specials that set it apart from other company locations as well. To help rank in spot 1 for these locations, make sure you generate unique title tags and meta descriptions as well.

Other SEO Tips for the Creation of Location Pages


  • Use structured data markup from Schema.Org. We recommend using LocalBusiness, Store, DepartmentStore, and other relevant data from the site.
  • Location relevant content such as sales, departments, store history.
  • NAP Consistency. Correct address, phone number, store number.
  • Location information such as manager name, email, phone number.
  • Easy navigation. Keep the pages consistent in the design so users can navigate to other parts of the site easily.

By creating location pages you are giving yourself a leg up in the search results and have the ability to rank for more searches. If you need help with creating location pages for your multi-location business, contact us today to get your project started!


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